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Hi! If you came here from my website then you have probably read the following blurb..
I am a long time programmer with 11+ years experience in the industry, and currently employed by a .com that works in the trucking industry. I am happily married with no kids. I enjoy warm climates and a good movie, or book. If you follow the link to my blog you will see I also have an unhealthy interest in learning Chinese. ^_^
That's the 30 second pitch of who I am. For the most part this blog focuses on my love of learning Chinese, travel, and the occasional programmer related post I make.

My creds

Why should you read this blog? Why should you care about who I am? Honestly, when I first started writing this blog in January of 2014 It was a place for me to just say what I was thinking, and post various tricks, and info I thought might be useful to others. A public diary/notebook of sorts.

Over time I have realized, I have useful skills that I should share to help, and encourage other people. Both people following a similar path as I am, and those people that just happen to find something here that is interesting.

In relation to Chinese learning I have went from someone who didn't know pinyin, couldn't write characters, and couldn't remember tones to save his life in August 2012 to someone who has passed the HSK IV in August 2014, to someone who has bounced around China and Taiwan for six months in 2015-2016. To someone who is now living in Taiwan in 2018. I have made great strides, but I still have plenty of room to improve.

For Programming and Tech, I have held various jobs and contracted off an on since High School in 2000. I have worked as a programmer since 2006. I completed my Bachelors of Science, in Computer Science, in 2015. Besides these well understood qualifications I have also always gotten the job done across a wide range of projects, roles, and some interesting work environments.

Between Oct 2015, and January 2018, I took on the mantle of digital nomad. For 2016, we visited multiple cities across 8 countries in Asia. In 2017 we visited  Europe, also seeing multiple cities across eight countries.

What I plan for the future

I am plan to do more posts that will help others. I want to give encouragement and support to the people that read this blog. I still plan to chronicle my Chinese learning adventures. I also still plan to post about whatever comes to mind even if it isn't strictly about Chinese, or Programming. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you come back. Happy travels, friend.

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