Dvorak + Pinyin on Chromebook

So I bought a Chromebook, and found out that I couldn't via normal settings get it to use Dvorak with pinyin input. Luckily someone else also had this issue, and already found a way around it.

Warning: The method to update this is dangerous. You will delete everything, and could break your system. 

Also if you have never used vi before, practice somewhere else first. It is an advanced editor with a learning curve.

So before you can use the previously mentioned method you have to turn on developer mode. This will wipe the chrome book, so backup anything that's that important.

Here is a link explaining how to turn on developer mode.

I am extremely appreciative of the person who submitted the fix. I wanted to add 3 minor updates to their procedure.

  1. To open a crosh shell, press CTRL+ALT+T after you log in.
  2. After you do step 2, you need to reboot before you can do step 3.
  3. The Dvorak mappings are also in the .../symbols/us file you need to edit. Just look farther down. Use vi's visual copy feature to more safely copy those lines into the first section. 

Once you have done that and rebooted you should be good to go. Don't forget if you disable developer mode you will most likely loose this hack.