Spanish Week 11 Update

Yay!! I pushed it out on time! This week I did much better than last. I am recovered from whatever sickness it was that kept me down last week. I still have a little croup, but that isn't stopping me from putting in the hours. This project is heading to a close. We have just under 2 weeks left!  I know I still have a ways to go before I am ready for my final conversation.

Total Time Studied:8513 Minutes (141.88 Hours)
Time Studied This Week:675 Minutes (11.25 Hours)
Average Daily Time:110 Minutes
Total Non-Study Exposure:1968 Minutes
Non-Study Exposure This Week: 384 Minutes
Total Vocabulary:1337 Terms
New Vocabulary:46 Terms
Total Money Spent:$712.12
Spent This Week:$47.00

Positives this week.I am making progress! I had four iTalki sessions. While listening to Miami radio, I got the gist of quite a few commercials. Was able to talk grammar with the wife without her killing me. :)

So my grammar reading has caught up mostly with DuoLingo. This has made DuoLingo fun again. I don't plan on ramping DuoLingo back up anytime soon, but I don't dread fighting with it about the difference between "written" and "wrote".

Since we only have about 12ish days left I plan to to try and log a lot more hours starting tomorrow. Tomorrow is always the best day to start something, right? Seriously tho, I hope to hit 20 hours this next week. The week after, I have family visiting, so I doubt I can do that much more than my normal 10 without being told I am neglecting my host duties.

I hope everyone has an good Memorial day. Catch ya next Sunday!
  1. TommorrowMonday - 133 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E20 )
    • 13 M DuoLingo
    • 50 M Practical Spanish Grammar Chapter 4
    • 60 M Exposure ( YT Music )
    • 45 M Skype with Candice
    • 25 M Anki
  2. Tuesday - 110 Minutes
    • 50 M Homework for Claudia
    • 60 M Skype with Claudia
  3. Wednesday - 148 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E21 )
    • 10 Translating Sentences 
    • 28 M Homework for Claudia
    • 60 M Skype with Claudia
    • 10 M DuoLingo
    • 40 M Practical Spanish Grammar.
  4. Thursday - 61 Minutes
    • 41 M Anki
    • 20 M DuoLingo
  5. Friday - 114 Minutes
    • 5   M Studied a 3 minute clip and the accompanying article for today's Skype session.
    • 29 M Glossika GSR
    • 15 M Read an article about places to travel to in Europe for today's Skype session.
    • 45 M Skype with Candice
    • 10 M Glossika GSR
    • 10 M DuoLingo
  6. Saturday - 80 Minutes
    • 20 M DuoLingo
    • 30 M Glossika GSR
    • 4+ H Exposure ( Went to Miami )
    • 20 M Grammar talk with the wife.
    • 10 M DuoLingo
  7. Sunday - 29 Minutes
    • 10 M DuoLingo
    • 19 M DL -> Anki


Spanish Week 10 Report

I know I am late again. I promise this coming Sunday I will be on time. This week was rough. Not because of the Spanish but because of a mix of work stuff, and getting sick. Overall I am happy with what I got accomplished in spite of my issues. I had to apologize profusely to Candice on Friday. I only got about four hours sleep the night before, and my sickness was starting to bring me down. I am happy to say I made up for it this Monday, with a good conversation. As always totals at the top, and day by day at the bottom.

Total Time Studied:7838 Minutes (130.63 Hours)
Time Studied This Week:534 Minutes (8.9 Hours)
Average Daily Time:111 Minutes
Total Non-Study Exposure:1584 Minutes
Non-Study Exposure This Week: 265 Minutes
Total Vocabulary:1291 Terms
New Vocabulary:4 Terms
Total Money Spent:$665.12
Spent This Week:$47.00

My vocab this week is really low. That is because in both DL, and my speaking sessions we were practicing conjugating things I knew. Also With DL while I mostly worked on a different tense for the same words, there were a few days I skipped it. At this point in the challenge I am getting more talking time in and working hard to get down what I got.

Speaking of talk time. I had a full 4 sessions with natives and a good practice with Dan. Monday was awesome.  I had a good conversation with Candice, where I was intelligible. This was a great confidence booster.

I am getting near the end of Arrow S1 and I am happy that I understand more now than before. I still have a long way to go before I could pick up something new, and understand as much, but I can see the improvement, and that is encouraging.

This week we started a new challenge in the Add1 Challenge. We are doing a challenge to see which team can log the most time practicing speaking over 15 days. This challenge helps push us towards our 90 day goal of speaking with a native for 15 minutes.

Alright that is it for now. Wish me luck, and good night.

  1. Monday - 159 Minutes
    • 38 M DL -> Anki
    • 97 M Exposure ( YT music )
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E15 )
    • 21 M Glossika GSR
    • 20 M PSG Chapter 4
    • 45 M Skype with Candice
    • 35 M DuoLingo
  2. Tuesday - 102 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E16 )
    • 25 M Homework for Claudia
    • 17 M DuoLingo
    • 60 M Skype with Claudia
  3. Wednesday - 80 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E17 )
    • 14 M DuoLingo
    • 5   M DuoLingo, strengthening skills.
    • 21 M Anki
    • 10 M Corrected a few sentences and scanned the questions
    • 30 M 20 questions in Spanish with Dan.
  4. Thursday - 120 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E18 )
    • 45 M Homework for Claudia
    • 15 M DuoLingo
    • 60 M Skype with Claudia
  5. Friday - 45 Minutes
    • 45 M Skype with Candice
  6. Saturday - 12 Minutes
    • 12 M DuoLingo
  7. Sunday - 16 Minutes
    • 16 M DuoLingo


Spanish Week 9 Report

Sorry! I wrote this last night, and I just forgot to hit the post button!

We have passed day 60. I am over 2/3 the way through the Add1Challenge. Of course this doesn't mean I am stopping Spanish on day 90. Day 90 just marks the day I am going to record a 15 minute conversation with a native Spanish speaker. After day 90, the challenge will be over, but I will still continue to learn Spanish.

Aight, so this week was fun. I did a few less hours than last week, but I feel like I did more with less time this week. Studying grammar really took it outta me, but I could tell it is helping my comprehension, and speaking. Like always here at the top are the totals, and at the bottom is the daily.

Total Time Studied:7304 Minutes (121.73 Hours)
Time Studied This Week:741 Minutes (12.35 Hours)
Average Daily Time:116 Minutes
Total Non-Study Exposure:1319 Minutes
Non-Study Exposure This Week: 296 Minutes
Total Vocabulary:1287 Terms
New Vocabulary:125 Terms
Total Money Spent:$618.12
Spent This Week:$47.00

 This week I committed myself to working on grammar. I planned to do five chapters a week, but I fell a little short. I think I am going to aim for five chapters again this week. If I fall short again, I will set a better goal. One of my iTalki teachers suggested that I study chapters that connect to the grammar we are also working on. I am gonna try this, but I have my reservations about skipping around this grammar book.

I also feel a bit dumb that I have in the last few days just realized that I have too many resources. Currently, if I did a lesson of SpanishPOD101, one lesson of Complete Spanish, one chunk of Glossika's GMS, two lessons of DuoLingo, and my Anki vocab deck; I am looking at at least three hours study, and as much as four hours, every day. This is before I even get to speaking! Another guy in our Add1 support group mentioned having this problem, and what he was doing to fix it. That got me to thinking instead of trying to do it all and being happy with what I got, maybe I should manage my resources better.

What I have decided to do is make the grammar book, and Glossika GMS a priority. I feel like they give me the most bang for my buck. That is still probably two plus hours per day, but I enjoy them so I am not too worried about burn out. I will also try and study them in chunks, like I have done DuoLingo, and Anki, with fifteen minutes here and there.

Also, like I mentioned before I am working on having at least four iTalki sessions per week. I am in the final stretch of this challenge. I need to  really focus on gaining the abilities to complete my goal. Anywho I hope you enjoy the video, and I'll post again next week!

  1. Monday - 169 Minutes
    • 44 M Exposure ( YT Music )
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E10 )
    • 24 M DuoLingo
    • 50 M Skype with Candice
    • 18 M Anki
    • 50 M Practical Spanish Grammar Chapter 3
    • 5   M Reviewed daily routine doc
    • 22 M Practical Spanish Grammar Chapter 3
  2. Tuesday - 119 Minutes
    • 9   M Anki
    • 20 M DuoLingo
    • 84 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E11 & S1E12 )
    • 30 M Practical Spanish Grammar Chapter 3
    • 60 M Skype/Net meeting with Claudia
  3. Wednesday - 25 Minutes
    • 15 M DuoLingo
    • 10 M short test for Candice.
  4. Thursday - 245 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure( Arrow S1E13 )
    • 10 M DuoLingo
    • 40 M Translated 20 questions into Spanish
    • 15 M Practical Spanish Grammar Chapter 3
    • 50 M Skype with Candice
    • 55 M Homework for Claudia
    • 15 M PSG Chapter 4
    • 60 M Skype with Claudia
  5. Friday - 12 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E14 )
    • 12 M DuoLingo
  6. Saturday - 91 Minutes
    • 10 M DuoLingo
    • 10 M DuoLingo
    • 44 M Anki
    • 27 M PSG Chapter 4
  7. Sunday - 80 Minutes
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arror S1E15 )
    • 30 M DuoLingo
    • 30 M Glossika GMS & short video for 60 day
    • 5   M Videos for my 60 Day.
    • 15 M Anki


Spanish Week 8 Report

Week 8 down. Like I mentioned last week, other responsibilities keep me busy on Monday and Tuesday, but after that I went back at it. This week we finished out the sentence challenge. It was a fun competition. My group and another were neck and neck all the way to the end. We ended up calling it a draw. As always, total info at the top, and daily schedule at the bottom.

Total Time Studied:6563 Minutes (109.38 Hours)
Time Studied This Week:1138 Minutes (18.96 Hours)
Average Daily Time:117 Minutes
Total Non-Study Exposure:1023 Minutes
Non-Study Exposure This Week: 186 Minutes
Total Vocabulary:1162 Terms
New Vocabulary:103 Terms
Total Money Spent:$571.12
Spent This Week:$30.50

Steam Punk Mario & Luigi From PAX South
So overall this week was good. Usually, I try to be positive in my posts, because usually I have a positive time. Whether it is an ego problem, or otherwise I rarely doubt myself, or have self deprecating thoughts. This week I had a dark day. I don't mean Tuesday, but rather Wednesday. The day I tried to get back on the horse. I explained it to my support group in the Add1Challenge kinda like this: Chinese is my well established second language I think of it as a nice fire pit. There are coals, and some slow burning logs, and I feed it a little every week. I have been building and feeding it for a long time, and it would take a lot for that fire to go out. Whereas Spanish is a new fire. I have been trying to quickly build it up, but it isn't that big, and it hasn't been burning for very long. Monday and Tuesday I let it dwindle down, really low. Then Wednesday I tried to start building it again, and it hurt. I threw gasoline on the fire, and it singed my eyebrows. I put too much on myself Wednesday. I expected that I wouldn't back slide much, and I was wrong. I had two talking sessions that day without enough study time before the first, or a long enough break between. Lesson learned, hopefully I won't repeat it.

OK, enough with that, and on to the good. I am enjoying Arrow a lot. I am getting lots of listening practice for words like sobrevivir, and justicia. I like the listening practice it is giving me, I feel like I am understanding more. Also, speaking of listening practice, I will start doing Glossika again this week. I think glossika is helping me with the speaking.

The sentence challenge I mentioned earlier was a pretty big focus for us this last week. Over the course of the whole challenge from 4/20 - 5/2 I was able to input 139 sentences. Some were right, and a lot were wrong, but I learned a lot from the challenge, and got some good practice in.

I am changing my game plan up a bit going forward. Starting this week, I will talk with a native speaker 4 nights a week, and on Wednesday I will also work with Dan. He is another A1C participant who is learning Spanish. The idea going forward is take the vocab, grammar, sentences, etc, and use it to have conversations. One of the teachers I work with does just that. She pushes me to talk, and converse. The other pushes me to understand the grammar, and say it right. Between the two I hope to go far.

Also we hit day 60 near the end of this week, which means I will be posting a video showing a little more of what I can do either in the next post or the one after. That is all for now.
  1. Monday - 81 Minutes
    • 50 M DL -> Anki
    • 31 M GL -> Anki
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E6 )
  2. Tuesday - 0 Minutes
    • ---
  3. Wednesday - 199 Minutes
    • 30 M DuoLingo
    • 15 M DuoLingo
    • 45 M iTalki with Candice
    • 2   M Anki ( Phrases )
    • 17 M Anki
    • 60 M Skype with Dan
    • 30 M Sentences ( 10 sentences, partially from ones I made during iTalki convo )
  4. Thursday - 152 Minutes
    • 71 M DuoLingo ( did my 2 new, then reviewed until my tree was almost all gold )
    • 2   M Anki ( Phrases )
    • 5   M Exposure ( random interview video )
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E7 )
    • 19 M Anki
    • 60 M Writing about my work, and then adding them to sentences.
  5. Friday - 350 Minutes
    • 10 M Anki
    • 40 M DL review cards.
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E8 )
    • 25 M DuoLingo ( 3 new lessons, 1 review lesson, and some more cards )
    • 13 M Exposure ( random videos )
    • 54 M Reviewed Practical Spanish Grammar Ch 1
    • 1   M Anki ( Phrases )
    • 15 M Review Practical Spanish grammar Ch 2
    • 45 M iTalki with Candice
    • 15 M Review Practical Spanish grammar Ch 2
    • 60 M Skype with Claudia
    • 85 M Made a how we met story, and used it for sentences ( 27 sentences )
  6. Saturday - 181 Minutes
    • 40 M Made a daily routine doc, and used it for sentences ( 12 sentences )
    • 48 M DuoLingo ( reviewed cards, and did 4 new lessons )
    • 42 M Exposure ( Arrow S1E9 )
    • 45 M Sentences 
    • 7   M Anki
    • 1   M Anki ( Phrases )
    •  40 M Review Practical Spanish grammar Ch 2
  7. Sunday - 175 Minutes
    • 20 M Glossika GSR 
    • 27 M DuoLingo ( reviewed cards )
    • 10 M DuoLingo
    • 29 M Anki
    • 42 M DL -> Anki
    • 17 M FL -> Anki
    • 30 M Review Practical Spanish grammar Ch 2