TOCFL Project Weeks 5 & 6

Welcome back!  Long time no see. How ya been?

So over the last two weeks I have kept up with reviewing flash cards but not adding them. :-( Adding has become the bane of this project. My procrastinating, inability to add new cards has gotten so bad I honestly thought about hiring out the job. 

Luckily for me, someone else put them into Memrise. This makes me really happy because I already have a Memrise account, and can just start using the lists immediately, and also because I have used Memrise lists in the past to cram large amounts of words in a short period of time.

Why didn't I check there first you ask? I actually did, but it was a year or two ago, and what they had at the time was incomplete. These new lists look to be complete, and much cleaner than the spread sheet I have been using to create my flash cards.

Aight, so I'm sure you are wondering how the mock test went. Frankly, it went horribly. I walked in thinking I was going to ace it, and I bombed hard. Which is fine. That's the point of taking the mock tests. I needed to know what I was getting into before I showed up for the real McCoy.

For the record I took the Mock B band test, and I barely missed passing the listening and just barely passed the reading for B3. For a few hours after the test I was kicking myself. After doing the whole asses the situation routine, I realized I walked into the test thinking I knew all of the band B vocab, and I only knew a little over half of it. :-O I had unrealistic expectations. 

I had a bunch of other issues that prevented me from performing better, but they are easy to fix. I will test my fixes on the second mock test. These issues are things like the room was freezing, I didn't eat breakfast, only slept 5 hours, had an upset stomach, and I forgot to wear my glasses. 

There were also some legitimate issues. One was, I read a bit slow and had to guess for the last 4 questions in that section. Another was a lot of the questions centered around school and work situations. I work from home, and don't attend school. I will need to practice some of these situations with my tutor so I can get a feel for that.

I blame my failure at listening mostly on the fact that I couldn't focus at all for the first 30 minutes. Although, it wouldn't hurt for me to practice listening to more fast dialogue. The pace wasn't too fast, but they weren't pausing, so anytime I hit a term I didn't know I had to keep on point, listening and hope context would help me out.

So some of my changes going forward are, switching to the Memrise courses, start listening to some Glossika business GSR files, and possibly work through some of the regular glossika GMS files. Overall I am still confident I can pass the C band in Novemeber, but probably only C5 not C6.

I'll post again in another 2 weeks. Wish me luck!

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