Elixir Project Update 5

A bit late posting this week. Sorry about that.

So far things are on track. I decided to push back the form one week while I learned more about how Elixir deals with databases, and Phoenix deals with authentication. Here's what I got done last week.

Last Weeks Goals:
  • Phoenix Book Chapter 7 - 1 hour
  • Second Phoenix Book Chapter 6 - 1.5 hours
  • Web app skeleton - 15 minutes
  • Initial quiz form - 1.5 hours
  • Ecto Tutorial - 30 minutes
  • A few one off scripts.1.5 hours
  • Second Phoenix Book Chapter 7 - 1 hour

    I decided to finish up the second book also. It was quite interesting. The last 2 chapters was about tying everything together between the independent game app, and a Phoenix interface.

    I played around with some Project Euler problems. It gave me some practice with guards, recursion, and comprehensions. It was also a fun diversion from other real world stuff.

    This weeks Goals:

    • Quiz Form - 1 hour
    • Answer Key DS -  1 hour
    • Add optional column support - 1 hour
    • 3 way matching - 30 minutes
    • Put web code on Github - 15 minutes.
    • Setup web server - 1-2 hours?
    • Research storage options - 1-2 hours.

    This week is almost over, but I'll leave it's results to the next post. :-D The point in this week is to finish up the quiz_generator, and start figuring out how to fit it together with Phoenix.

    It is also about figuring out how to make it play nice with my current web server. While that isn't strictly programming it usually contains some interesting challenges. One of the cool features I am excited about is the hot patching. I am very interesting to see that in action in a production like environment.

    Ok, I'll have the next post up on Wednesday.  

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