Ruby & Elixir Conference

So, I went to a Ruby & Elixir conference this last weekend. It was a ton of fun. Below are some random observations.

First off, the conference itself was well done. They had, clever emcee's, strategically placed screens for better viewing of presentations, good audio, friendly staff, great food, and fun sponsors.

New stickers!
But it was more than that. The community was genuinely welcoming, ... even after some of em, found out I didn't use Ruby or Elixir at my day job. 😟😟 I met some amazing people that just treated me really well, and honestly this made all the difference.

Now your probably wondering why I went if I don't work with these languages. The short answer is:
A) I like learning new things, and am leaning Elixir in the off hours. I plan to do the same with Ruby in the future.
2) Since we are transitioning from Digital Nomads to living in Taiwan, I thought it would be nice to meet some people with similar jobs/hobbies that also live here.
Z) Bonus, it gave me an excuse to make some personal business cards. 😊😊

Since these aren't my work languages a lot of the takeaways I got from the talks were more business or meta. One thought I had multiple times was: These companies had the same growing pains my company currently has. Maybe we can use the same, or a similar solution as they did.

For me, and I suspect for many other IT/programming people, meeting new people is never easy. What I loved about this conference is that time and time again, I saw people going out of their way to interact with new people at the conference. I saw speakers talking to strangers like me with genuine interest. It's probably too early to tell, but I think the beginnings of friendships were formed with several people.

Another thing that was neat to me was not knowing who the key community players were. When I had went to Perl conferences in the past people could be like, "Wall did this, Merlyn is here, Miyagawa is presenting in room 3, ...", and I would immediately be in the loop.

When I first arrived I only knew who Matz was. Sorry José. Happily it only took a little bit to catch on to who was who. Several people were nice to me in that regard giving me the run down.

After the first day's talk, there was a party, and then after that I ended up at an after party. I probably had a bit too much fun the first night, because I kept dozing off during the last talk. Again, sorry José!

Will I be at the next Taiwan Ruby/Elixir conference you ask? Yes! I am looking forward to it.