Sensible Chinese Character Challenge 2014 Milestone 4!

Sensible Chinese Character Challenge 2014

Yesterday marked the end of the Sensible Chinese Character Challenge put on by Hacking Chinese. I'm happy to report I made my final milestone. This last milestone completes my learning all the new cards from my Integrated Chinese Level 2 deck. From here on out I will continue to review this deck, and periodically study the material related to it.

This challenge had a good amount of participants. The challenge is not strict on the rules, rather it gives some basic guidelines, examples, and goals Because of this setup, I got to read about how different people tackled character learning in several different ways. This was interesting and gave me some new idea's. 

Again I want to thank Olle for putting it on, and I look forward to next year's Challenge. I also want to give a big congrats to everyone else who participated. At milestone 3 I won one of the randomly allotted prizes. I want to thank Hanzi WallChart for supplying that.

That's all for now. I'll have a Chinese Status Update this weekend detailing where I am at and where I plan to go. 

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