Sensible Chinese Character Challenge 2014 Milestone 3!

Hello all! Welcome back. It's been a quiet month for this blog. Offline I have been quite busy. I got my B.S. in Computer Science, and had a celebration for that. According to some 12 years to get your B.S. is a long time. With the completion of my degree the wife and I have started preparations to move away from COMO. This isn't a rushed thing, we have been planning it for a long time, and we are taking our time with the move, estimating to be moved by next spring. I have also picked and started learning my second foreign language, Esperanto. I'm doing as this part of another challenge. I'll try and give it it's own post later. 

On to the challenge! I'm tired of recapping each round so, Here's a link to my post on milestone 2 you can see all the bits there if you care. For Milestone 3 I pledged to learn 471 terms total for the challenge. I'm happy to report I made the mark. I am currently at 514 terms. I am extremely confident I will hit my last milestone with time to spare.

This challenge has been, and still is both fun and useful. I am grateful that Olle takes the time to make these challenges and his website. His website is full of helpful info that has both taught me a lot over the last 2+ years and helped keep me motivated. I'm sure it will continue to teach me new things for a long time to come.

Since I only have one more month left in this language challenge I have started to look for other motivators to keep me going. This month I am taking the italki world cup challenge. The challenge is a bet with italki that I can complete 25 hours of study with a language teacher. This will help keep me on track with this challenge and help me to continue to level up with my speaking and listening. Also, the wife and I have planned another trip to Taiwan for this fall. I am excited to show off to the in laws how much I have progressed.

That's all for now. I'll probably have another post or two later this month.. 

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