Reading Ender's Game in Chinese - 戰爭遊戲

Reading fiction is important to me. I think it helps me maintain and improve my native and foreign language skillz. In my opinion practicing all four areas, speak, write, listen, and read in that order give me the fastest overall gains. Reading and listening are at the bottom of that list because to me they are the easiest to do, and also any time you speak or write you automatically get a little listening and reading practice. This doesn't mean they are not important. There are many reasons to improve reading. For example experiencing joy of reading Harry Potter in Chinese, or maybe reading your religious text with a friend in their native tongue, or looking up information to debate someone.

I picked up several books from Taiwan when I visited over this last summer. One book being Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. They translated the title as War Games ( 戰爭遊戲 ).  I will use this book to help me improve my Chinese reading. I picked this book because I have read it and also have the English version lying around for reference. Also I don't think I will get bored rereading it several times.

This year I'm going to read at least 1 page a day, with the goal of finishing before 2015.

 I have set myself some guidelines for reading this book to help me both enjoy it and use it as a learning tool. 

Read a page first thing in the morning.

There is 415 pages total so I will need to read two pages on a couple of days to make sure I finish it before 2015. I am reading first thing in the morning so nothing will get in my way. I won't be able to forget it, put it off, or make other excuses. An added bonus of reading in the morning is that I should be well rested and ready to tackle new knowledge. 

Add new vocabulary to Anki.

My biggest hurdles will be the first few chapters. The reason being that many new words, will be repeated throughout the book. Some of examples are subject matter related to this story and names of people and places. In this book I am excited to learn a bit of vocabulary about fighting, Internet, space, gravity, strategy, aliens, etc. Another book I got is a post apocalypse science fiction novel by a Chinese author. I think that reading Ender's Game first will help prepare me for this next novel.

After finishing a chapter do a read through without stopping.

There are a couple of reasons to do this. The first is I get to read, really read in Chinese, unlike stop and go that will take place on my first read. This will help me prove to myself I have mastered the vocabulary, and grammar. Also, I have heard it recommended as a way to increase reading speed. By reread the same passage multiple times each pass trying to increase your pace a little.

And some other stuff...

If I need it I may ask my roommates to illuminate a few bits here and there. I am going to hand write a summary at the end of each chapter in Chinese. I am thinking about doing a progress report every couple of chapters, but I'm not sure about that yet. I may also publish and update my anki list at the end. My hope is to finish this book in 2 - 3 months, but I have given myself plenty of wiggle room.

Do you have any suggestions, comments? Let me know!

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